Are you ready for the 6th Art International meeting in Sorrento Peninsula?

art meeting sorrento peninsula

The show takes place in one of the most charming locations in Italy, within walking distance from the wonderful  “Surriento”, and this year’s edition is going to magic. The exhibition takes place at  Vico Equense- the access to the Sorrento Peninsula- welcoming both artists and enthusiasts from Italy and all over the world.

The opening celebration of International Art Meeting is on April 20th and children and adults, including schools, will be involved in workshops, exhibitions, music performances and conferences focused on Art as a mean of freedom and hope for peace in an age marked by tragic terroristic attacks. Artistic representations and experimentations will be performed on the occasion of the International Art Meeting at Grand Hotel Moon Valley in Seiano di Vico Equense (

It is no coincidence that it is this hotel  hosting the event: it is well-known for its interest in international Art, in communication in every form providing with its premise for events just like this.

Besides, it is worth noting that such meeting is taking place in the area of the Sorrento Peninsula, melting pot of cultures where visitors flock to anytime during the year to eagerly find out the traditions of a people of sailors open to needs and international taste. Tradition for both eyes and taste.

art meeting sorrento peninsula

Thanks to the support of the municipality of Vico Equense and  curator’s Letizia Caiazzo organization,   “Ars Harmonia Mundi”, the event takes place until April 23rd gathering more and more visitors every year. From 10:00 am until 11:00 pm the International Art meeting gives the chance to discuss art, key for the melting pot process.

Not only Italians, but also International guests will approach Art as a creative process also in its daily life. Free admission tickets are available, so anyone who wishes to take part can bring their own experience, their way of being and their own concept of art as expression of life.

Article by Francesca Martire 

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati