Alketa Bercaj Delishaj ( was born in Shkoder, Albania but she lives and works in Verona. She is an emerging contemporary artist and she concentrates on the relation between painting and photography mainly.

In her style, we can also perceive the presence of artistic performances and contemporary history. In fact, from the very beginning of her studies, she has always developed her interest in issues stemming from interactions among people, equal opportunities, cultural and economical gaps in the field of Art.

“Keep calm and stop violence” mix media on paper. 40×50 cm, 2015 – Courtesy of Alketa Belisha

“Keep calm and stop violence” mix media on paper. 40×50 cm, 2015 – Courtesy of Alketa Bercaj Delishaj

Alketa boasts countless individual and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad. She cooperates with international galleries and institutions such as the Ministry of the Republic of Kosovo Diaspora. Her works belong to private collections and have been displayed in Germany, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands, Kosovo and also New York and London.

In her opinion, artistic comparison is key: she prefers every kind of cooperation for it’s a chance to discuss and learn and by doing so, she can develop her research and contemporary style.

Alketa Bercaj Delishaj

Alketa states: « I would like to express what I do and think through my paintings, I wish my works were acknowledged by people who love Art, critics, other artists or simply by ordinary people just like me. I would like to make a mark in people’s way of thinking and talk to those who are living just like me out there ».

In her works, we can see the experiences, the people and everything that has somehow influenced and entwined with her artistic and personal path. She uses different techniques just like the materials and the tools which change according to the work she is making.

Alketa Bercaj Delishaj

Swimming is the title of a series of paintings whose subject is swimming in different locations which are always common. « What I really find fascinating about swimming is that you are in same place with other people with a swimming cap and simple suit».

The locations of her paintings represent an attempt to relate past, present and her memories. Such places evoke a feeling of playfulness through optical illusions that compose partial autobiographic narrations.

Alketa Bercaj Delishaj

In a fast-paced world, with access to anything at anytime, finding time to think is almost impossible but her subjects are frozen in a temporary flash which gives them the chance to jump or stay still in the most common places that are strangely not crowded.

« These paintings reveal a society in transition from an industrial, political, religious and cultural economy towards an indefinite».

Article by Loriana Pitarra    

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati