Art begins with resistance – at the point where resistance is overcome. No human masterpiece has ever been created without great labor. (André Gide)


The Urban Mirrors project which started in 2015 has a generalist topic blog and over time it has specialized in content dedicated to art and art-related events. Every day the editorial staff selects quality content on modern and contemporary art.

The staff share events and news from the national and international art scene. We travel the world looking for museums, exhibitions and new artists, unconventional exhibition spaces and small galleries which offer food for thought on contemporary reality. For these reasons and for the passion that animates and unites our work team, we are in the frontline to live in close contact with art and immerse ourselves in the deep sea of ​​creativity and emotions that art provokes.


Fabio Matthew Lanna, editor

Featured writers: Loriana Pitarra, Pierluca Amato, Francesca Martire, Gabriele Salini, Eric Lanes.


Information and curiosity about the world of art, traveling between past and present, with an eye on the new trends and experiments in the fields of photography, digital art, street art and live performance.


We give voice and attention to artists through a reflection on their biography and creative path, taking into consideration also the past artistic contributions. We focus on those who, with a sensitivity far from the standard of a specific historical time, have been relegated to a sort of cultural underwood, (backwater) but whose importance cannot be underestimated.


We are involved in the organization of events, personal and collective art exhibitions. We take care of the curatorial aspect itself (from the selection of contents to set- ups, from the promotion to the financial management) and we act as Media Partner, because sharing an idea enriches us and is a source of knowledge.

We have always dreamed of opening a cultural space dedicated to the promotion of young local and international talents, a place of connection between people and all the expressions of contemporary art. This is why we are planning our new “home”, our space will soon open! Spazio Faro in the heart of the Pigneto district in Rome, where the Spazio Faro cultural association will be located, a place dedicated to contemporary culture and art in all its forms.


Urban Mirrors is a cultural aggregator written by contemporary art lovers and not only that you find among the categories of the site. The magazine is, in effect, drafted in a participatory way: you can propose essays, posts, insights, thoughts, photographic reports and anything else that comes to mind that can become a useful resource for all our readers. The articles must be original and must mention the sources to which they refer in the form of a link to the page of origin.

If you represent an advertising or communication agency
Write to: info@urbanmirrors.com

What Urban Mirrors Magazine offers you
A site read by over 1000 people a month, articles with thousands of shares and social profiles (Facebook, Instagram,) with tens of thousands of followers.

What you can offer to Urban Mirrors Magazine
A post that covers the following topics:

Modern & Contemporary Art
History of the masters of art in the 20th and 21st centuries
World of fairs and events on contemporary art.
Exhibitions and events in galleries of contemporary art, museums and cultural centers
Interviews with text or video to the artists.

Writing that offers a concrete value to the reader. The reader is amazed and fascinated, not bored.

How to propose an article
You can send your review post to info@urbanmirrors.com. The article will be viewed in a very short time (usually 24/48 hours) and, if it complies with the publication requirements, published in your name. Also send a small biography and, after some articles, a photograph.

Write, do not copy
If you have an experience to tell, perhaps about a gallery, a museum, a foundation or the study of a particular event, it is interesting for others to know your point of view, not that of other people. For this, the proposed items must be completely original. Citing Wikipedia is fine, but to bring the article or even parts of it is not, is absolutely useless and does not bring benefits to those who read.

The necessary requirements
It is not necessary to propose a university thesis, we do not ask so much. The post you write should be in-depth, at least 400 words long and photographs sent in good quality (minimum 900X600 at good resolution). Remember also the first basic requirement: do not copy.

Write as a journalist, you’re not writing a resume
Presenting yourself in the article or in the biography is absolutely useless. There are links to the author’s social media in the profile, avoid expressions like “I was born-I studied-I graduated”, who is really interested in your work will find you through social profiles, we are in the Social era! What matters is your opinion, the skill with which you describe the facts and the charm that you can exercise on those who read you through your words, not with the prestige of your professionalism.

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing; it means that what is excellent in others belongs to us too. “


You wrote an article, published your photos and the post was published on the Facebook page of Urban Mirrors, but now it’s your turn! Share your post on your profile or with your friends, visibility is the key to dialogue and the joy of sharing.

Send your articles to info@urbanmirrors.com


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