Alberto Peola’s gallery was created in 1989 in Turin: today it is located in a central and renown area of the city inside a 19th century building.

Cornelia Badelita – Particolare mostra REFLECȚIE REPETIȚIE – Courtesy of the gallery

This art dealer and his staff’s mission is – as Alberto Peola states- promoting «new trends that can find personal narrative solutions when making use of different expressive means, from photography to painting and from videos to installations».

Therefore, throughout these years the gallery has had “researching” as its main goal investigating the varied world of Contemporary Art. Never tired of new adventures, artists and works, they have tried to find what represents contemporary art in Turin best. This is why we should not be surprised about the numerous Italian and foreign and acclaimed artists displayed in individual and collective exhibitions and on top of that national and international fairs (Martin Creed, Daniela Rossell, Hiraki Sawa, Laura Pugno).

Fatma Bucak, Nothing is in its own place, 2015 – courtesy of the gallery

Those who, like Alberto Peola’s gallery, has a prominent past can only look at future with curiosity and will to turn other stimulating 28 years. In this regard, the art dealer states: « we want to continue proposing a series of events with artists that cope with current themes in an innovative way». It is clear than that they do not want to rest on laurels, but always ready to new projects and partnerships.

Gioberto Noro 2016 – courtesy of the gallery

After a chat with Alberto Peola, his will to look at the future aware of his solid basis is clear. These basis are key as to understand what and how to look for.

All in all, when twenty-eight years we are still very young and certainly fired up to face new challenges. 

Article by Virginia Glorioso

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati