Alessio Moitre and I had the chance to speak little and yet I read a certain ironic irreverence  between the lines. No bombastic speeches but only the essential. Direct, no-frills. Generally speaking, this kind of interviews push me to present the text the way it is without editing so as to give readers the chance to have my same reaction while reading the answers. So, this is what I want to do.

Moitre Gallery Turin – courtesy of the gallery

I would first like to say that La Galleria by Alessio Moitre is in Turin, one of the most accustomed to Contemporary Art cities. This is the reason why I was really impressed by his little formality in our conversation.

What really struck me even more, has been the great quality of the artists displayed in his gallery: young, multifaceted and not banal. Artists that express the current Contemporary Art scene in a profound and logical way that often does not seem to prevail.

I hope this introduction has helped you to understand  Alessio Moitre and his gallery better.


When was your Art gallery created?

In October 2011. Some months before our country seemed to be on the verge of bankruptcy.

Could you explain the origins of the name of the gallery?

Simple and banal, my name is Alessio Moitre, I preferred to use my last name even if in a folkloristic world it may have seemed old-fashioned.

In a city like Turin where cultural events abound, what does your gallery propose that is different and alternative from the others?

From the beginning, we mainly focused on artists born from 1980 on. This is our signature beside an obstinate and sometimes vain will to create an intellectual sense to every exhibition.

What artists do you deal? I mean, on what do you orientate your programming?

We do not have any specific direction, we follow our instinct and curiousity. We talk to artists and we try to find the human side of Art, a complicated issue.

Do you have any precise objectives about your programming and the expansion of your gallery?

Educating long-term artists and not one-hit wonders. Besides, trying to be consistent with my ideas on a local and national level.

Are you displaying any exhibitions currently? Do you have any planned? What about them?

Until May 20th, I was displaying Ripasso by Adi Haxhiaj and then a two-day exhibition with Amalia de Bernardi and  Andrea Roccioletti (23rd – 24th May), with LL project. Lastly, from May 27th I am displaying the individual exhibition by Barbara Fragogna entitled Don’t Step On Your Inter Dwarf, until 22nd July.

Moitre Gallery Turin – courtesy of the gallery

Is there anything I haven’t asked that you would like to tell me?

When you happen to be in Turin, remember that we owe you a coffee.

Further information about Moitre gallery and its activities can be found at 

Article & interview by Virginia Glorioso

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati