Why should you visit Art Basel? It’s easy to say. Better said: we should talk about several reasons as there are many to go to Basel in June.

Frith Street Gallery, Marian Goodman Gallery Tacita Dean – courtesy of the press office © Art Basel

In particular, when speaking about Art Basel, there is no need for an introduction. The international opening is scheduled on June 15th and many relevant leaders in the field of Art and new trends will take part. There is no wonder why Urban Mirrors decided to participate! The admission tickets for the event, open until June 18th 2017, can be purchased online or on-site and give access on Thursday June 15th, Friday June 16th and Sunday June 18th from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm, whereas on Saturday visits are allowed from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm of the following day. On the occasion of Art Basel, which will display about 290 international galleries with a total of about 4000 artists, the program is very articulated.

Peres Projects Donna Huanca – courtesy of the press office © Art Basel

In particular, it is worth mentioning Galleries, where many works ranging from drawing, sculpture, installations, photography, digital Art, video and much more will be displayed. Cultures and generations will confront in 2017 edition which, by the way will host limited editions or rare ones of publications. Shows led by Gianni Jetzer belong to Unlimited project that allows to vent creativity thanks to installations and performances and also varied works.

Galleria Continua, Hauser & Wirth Subodh Gupta – courtesy of the press office © Art Basel

For emerging artists there is Baloise Art Prize, namely an important artistic award through which Baloise Group acquires some selected works to donate them to European artistic institutions. We must not forget Parcours section that makes way for emerging artists by involving local areas such as Münsterplatz, thanks to MGM Resorts Art and Culture support and the curator Samuel Leuenberger.

For those who are interested, you can download from the website the map of Münsterplatz where night performances will be held. Maxa Zoller is instead in charge and curator of the film project.

Galerie Tschudi, Vistamare Bethan Huws – courtesy of the press office © Art Basel

Installations, photography, painting, filmography and much more is what Art Basel offers to its visitors. Those who are fond of Art know that Basil event is connected with the ones in Miami Beach and Hong Kong, relevant fairs with important past and bright future. We must recall that Art Basel took place in Switzerland in 1970 and since then it has been held yearly.

The needs of the market match perfectly with the discovery of new trends, features that blend together every year. On the occasion of this event, many cultural events are held such as:Theater Basel, Masterrezital, some tastings in various places of the town, music festivals but also dance performances and exhibitions of international artists.

James Cohan Gallery Nam June Paik, TV Buddha, 1989 – courtesy of the press office Art Basel

So, there are really no excuses: Art Basel represents an irresistible call for visitors from  all over the world that go there to enjoy the fair, the city and the Art permeating it.


Article by Francesca Martire

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati