Start: 17th March. Finish: 19th March. Location: Tokyo.

Art Fair Tokyo

It is in the intriguing Japanese capital on Honshu island that Art Fair Tokyo will take place. The event is hosted in Tokyo International Forum and gives visitors many reasons to visit it.

We are talking about the greatest artistic fair in Japan and actually also in the whole ancient Asian continent. There are countless starting points both for West and Est relation and for the field of Art joining past, present and future thanks to the displayed works.

Art Fair Tokyo

Craftsmanship, visual Art, antiques, performances and so much more all together in the venues of this fair. Not only Art but also trade and exchange are the crucial elements in Art Fair Tokyo, a unique event hosting 21 new galleries. A special mention goes to Projects section started in 2011 and since 2016 has been presenting works of international artists in solo-show format.

Among the special sections there are: Live painting, Pocketful Hopin e Female Hero. The first one consists of a live painting by Ron English, a street artist and creator of the mascot in the movie “Super Size me”. The return of this event will be donated to people struck by earthquakes and to young artists thanks also to the sponsor by JPS Gallery in Hong Kong.

Art Fair Tokyo

The second special section is sponsored by Morimoto and entitled Pocketful Hopin. There are 60 works by emerging artists whose works are accessible for free in Lobby gallery, a project curated by Keisuke Ozawa and supervised by Hozu Yamamoto. As for the last section, Female Hero, it consists of an exhibition linked with Tokyo Girls Collection spring/summer 2017 and to Yoshitaka Amano’s Candy Girl. Also central in the fair is South Korean Chul Gway’s concept of heroine.

We wish to inform that Art Fair Tokyo is accessible for free for children under 6 years old and there are different kinds of ticket available such as 1 to 4 days admission. This event has been drawing more and more visitors from all over the world since its historical opening in 2005.

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Article by Francesca Martire

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati