Contact Juggling

What good can come out from a passion that doesn’t want to remain trapped in the schemes?

To tell us about it there it is work and art by Giacomo Roia, a young Visual Artist and Performer. A talent that contracts out from the predictable. He became juggler just when he was 16 and when he turned 17 got the knowledge of an artistic discipline for the most unknown, the Contact Juggling, which provides for the juggler to keep getting in contact restlessly body and spheres.

Might that be love at first “touch”? This new art form engaged him at the stage that, just 19, Giacomo begun wandering – as typical of restless souls – and seeking for his place in the world also through hanging out with other artists .

The evolution of Giacomo Roia’s Contact Juggling

He became a promising street artist, and participated to the EJC, European Juggling Convention, six times. In 2010 the turning point that changed his career: in the down under Australia, joining one of the largest companies in the country, “Pyrodinamic”, under the direction of the famous Ron Horner.

Contact Juggling
During this period indeed his performances got customized in a truly interesting way. His performances became a show with touching, engaging, almost soothing connotations, and sometimes oriental.

His work seems a kind of meditation, a symmetry of colors and images, and harmonious movements.

Transparent spheres seem to have become part of the body of Giacomo; moving constantly with him, seeming almost within him, as integral part of his performance.

Contact Juggling

Thus it was born “Artmosphere, Magic in atmosphere”, a project conceived by the young artist, with whom his talent and his passion for the art of juggling are at their highest level.

After more than ten years to refine the Contact Juggling, Giacomo is now ready to charm the world with an exclusive performance.

copyright article by Mariagrazia Roversi

English Translation by Piergiorgio Mancini