During one of my several trips to Naples, lovely city, with its essence of vitality and its energy coming from the countless small streets, photographic views that refer to an almost surreal feeling as a mix between East and West. Set in a fabulous bay and supervised by the Vesuvius volcano, you can experience the splendor of the past through its churches, its squares and its royal palaces, with their priceless artistic and architectural value.

neapolitan authentic craftsmanship according Goethe

As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote during his stay in Naples in 1787 “I am leaving. I will never forget either via Toledo or all the other districts in Naples; in my eyes is, beyond comparison, the most beautiful city in the universe.”

Neapolitan authentic craftsmanship

Back to my visit to the city, I plan to visit a artistic Baroque jewel of inestimable value: the Museum and Chapel of San Severo in which center there’s the famous Veiled Christ, a beautifully incomparable and a mystically charming masterpiece. Check that out on http://www.museosansevero.it. After my visit to this beautiful major work, on the same street in Via Francesco De Sanctis 30, I run into a small workshop that intrigues me right away by the quality and the beauty of its small masterpieces displayed by the window. This is the “Cardine” workshop by the artist Stefania Mussolino, with great pleasure for our readers follows a brief introduction and autobiography.

authentic craftsmanship

Stefania Mussolino was born in Naples on 31/12/1981 and began her training at the Arts High School in Naples where she got able to learn the basics by all visual arts disciplines and following authentic craftsmanship.
Ended her studies started as trainee to the most leading Nativity Scenes laboratories in the city and at the same time completed her technical knowledge by studying Architecture and Design. After about ten years of experience in the field of modeling small sculptures and terracotta-made shepherds, she decided to refine her training and find new ideas enrolling at the School of Fine Arts in Naples.

authentic craftsmanship
The next step was the opening of her own laboratory away from the famous street of the native scenes in San Gregorio Armeno, and placing it near the Chapel of San Severo which also houses one of the most beautiful treasures of Neapolitan sculpture, in harmony with her distinguish artistic line and with her merging of tradition and innovation.

The growth of the authentic craftsmanship by Stefania

Her artistic growth gets through the whole craftsmanship environment linked to the Neapolitan shepherds of the Sixteenth Century and gets enriched by the professional experience and studies developed for design and production, and more generally, for art products, showing her very special sensitivity, recognized by other artists as well.

Her workshop is open from 2012, and became the place where her ten years of experience in major workshops in the industry can finally express themselves freely.

authentic craftsmanship
At first exclusively dedicated to the production, the workshop grew over the time through small inputs as results of her personal research and as desire to shape it through recyclable materials found a bit everywhere and turned into “frames” that can accommodate the works.

Her workshop proximity to the Chapel fo San Severo makes it an inevitable stop for those who, following the paths of art of this wonderful city, want to get a souvenir, remembering the artistic expression of its crasfsmen with their unique works, or seeking the idea of a special moments or just finding the latest creation of the artist.

the neapolitan authentic craftsmanship by www.labcardine.it

translation by Piergiorgio Mancini