castel gandolfo street art festival

On the banks of Lake Albano is Castel Gandolfo, an historical town in the Latium region near Rome, home for years of the summer residence of the popes, the Papal Palace, was transformed into a museum by Pope Francis last October.

A town rich in culture, part of the cultural circuit “Most beautiful villages in Italy”, it boasts, besides the aforementioned Pontifical Palace which dates back to the seventeenth century and its Pontifical gardens, the area has also important archaeological sites such as the Villa of Publius Clodius Pulcro of Republican Roman era and Villa albana, built by Emperor Domitian in the first century A.D.

The actual town territory is today part of the Regional Park of the “Castelli Romani”.

The small size of Castel Gandolfo has not dented tourists and has always been a popular destination, but in recent times, because of Pope Francis choice not to reside there as for his holiday residence, tourist flows have decreased.

The local treasure attractions do not stop only on traditional monumental stages of canonical paths: for example, during these days, the local government is setting up an artistic event released from the monuments, which usually attract visitors.

castel gandolfo street art festival

It is the “Castel Gandolfo Street Art Festival”, an event born from the needs to combat vandalism affecting public urban spaces and accommodate a new artistic look for potential visitors. In this case, the place involved is the local Bus Terminal and its pedestrian underpass that connects the terminal to the city center, the place in the past has been victim of constant acts of vandalism.

castel gandolfo street art festival

The goal of this festival, organized by the municipality in cooperation with the Golf Club Castel Gandolfo and the project “Art and Cities in Color” promoted by N.S.A. North Rome, under the artistic direction of the Association of Lost Projects with the support of FARE Castelli, is the regeneration of the area with the creation of an open air art gallery.

Homegrown and international artists have pledged to make a work of art over what was usually a damaged and neglected urban area.

The inspirational themes are nature, landscape and hospitality; work over the walls has already started since last 24th November.

Students of art schools have been able to assist the artists during this period, which we propose the list: Alessandra Carloni; Carlo Cicare (Morden Gore); Tina Loiodice; Kristina Milakovic; Danilo Pistone (Neve); Mauro Sgarbi.

Tomorrow, 18th December, at 11:00am, the official opening will take place with these fantastic works of street art.

castel gandolfo street art festival

This festival has tried and will try, with the permanence of these Art works, to make a change in the conception of urban places, especially those that are less exposed and not very important culturally. Each urban area must be respected and citizens should not only have the task to interact in a proper manner with public spaces, but also have the duty to lead good examples like this one, making urban spaces a more comfortable and creative place for the community itself.

Flock to the inauguration and enjoy the art in this capacity, which also teaches us about respect and civic duty.