daniela carletti

“I think I feel like missing a time when men lived in direct contact with nature … I cannot explain in any other way my compulsive need to represent it.”

This sentence is the very beginning of an introduction letter written by Daniela Carletti, an artist coming from Ferrara who discovered the world of communication through art towards the end of 1970.

Sheer inspiration, we might call it, riding the wave of awareness of being able to express – through her own hands – a part of mankind that modern life seems to not think about: the soul.

daniela carletti

The experience of Daniela Carletti starts a bit like the one of many other artists, through the streets of her home city “magic and sometimes disturbing”, as she described it herself. She begins to discover the work of other local painters and sculptors.

From standing in admiration she soon move to practicing, firstly experimenting materials (clay, terracotta, but also iron wire and resin) and elaborating from shapeless-objects masterpieces with a sort of soul within.

We could talk about the sculpture “Albero, uomo, luce” (Tree, man, light) made up with wire, plaster and a lot of patience, as well as the sculpture “I gemelli” (the twins) which helps the user to get a view of a three-dimensional work which still recalls an introspective p.o.v. An Inner eye that flashes between the still-standing skeletons of her works, and cause for reflection.

daniela carletti

Furthermore, Daniela Carletti’s carrier does not stop there: the artist from Ferrara began working with chalk, and started representing nature subject using unconventional techniques and tools.

Meanwhile, she continues her training by attending the “Laboratori Liberi”, a graphics school in Urbino, and gets specialized in elaborating Japanese paper.

Daniela Carletti experiences all aspects of contemporary art with thirst for knowledge and curiosity like those who want to achieve at all costs their own goals: and so, in 2011, her talent pops up in national and international scenario.

daniela carletti

The best gift for her is the long-desired participation in the 54th edition of the “Biennale di Venezia” which comes unexpectedly: the international consecration follows in 2013, when she is invited to exhibit her work as part of an exhibition organized in Abu Dhabi, in an exclusive “Mezzaluna Palace”.

After that takes place also an exhibition in Dubai, at the “Artissima Art Gallery”, which help starting an ongoing and satisfying collaboration with many Arab institution, which required an exhibition of Carletti’s works at their opening days.

In 2015 the artist takes part in the exhibition “Voli di Luce” organized in Ferrara.

daniela carletti

The educational and artistic journey of Daniela Carletti has not yet concluded, in fact: the Ferrara artist is more determined than ever to continue the unending research for harmony that “nowadays-no-longer-interests-modern-mankind”, quoting her own statement; the harmony indeed, like a butterfly, is sought to be trapped by Daniela in her hands in order to return it in her works.

Article by Mariagrazia Roversi

Translation by Piergiorgio Mancini