Daniele Arceri

Some talents born in the folds of the larger cities, and grow behind the shadows of skyscrapers where the anonymous social housing are. Then comes the moment when their passion overflows from the jar, and then there you’ll see some good ones.

It’s like the story of Daniele Arceri, actor, dancer and singer – a bit like Figaro Factotum Rossini – born in 1983. Daniele attended the “School of Cinema in Rome” and learned dance, theater and singing.

Daniele Arceri

His youth may deceive: Daniele can be proud of his golden resume, made of participation and performances with prominent stars in the Italian entertainment environment. Some examples?Between 2012 and 2013, he interprets the intense character of Ishan in “Siddhartha the Musical” by Isabeu; an eminent role that will mark him for, and that will steeply drag him as second in the Italian Broadway.

Daniele Arceri
His vocal abilities show up when he get in charge to interpret the character of Angel in “Rent” by Enrico Maria Lamanna, while still in 2012 he participates in “Cha Cha Cha” by Marco Risi.
His experiences in the magical world of the theater are certainly not over here: he participated in “Napoli Milionaria” and “Poveri ma belli” both by Massimo Ranieri.
In 2009 he got involved in the show “Carne” by Juan Diego Puerta Lopez.
A compelling and engaging career, bringing this guy in his thirties to respectable tops notwithstanding his young age.
His career that keeps going happily, thanks to people who, as he himself said, believed in his talent; but mainly due to the fact that he believes in his abilities and in his vocation to expressivity.

Daniele Arceri
Throughout his work, Arceri loves to dig deep into their character, understand – almost predict – the moves, the feelings, the ideas, the suffering. An ongoing effort to dive himself in a role that has its own characteristics, its sensitivity, its own reason.

Arceri’s career seems to be one of those measured by passion and life vocation: as Daniele Arceri said in an interview, “Once above the stage I forgot about everything and then I began to live.”

copyright article by Mariagrazia Roversi
English Translation by Piergiorgio Mancini