Anna Romanello’s opening exhibition is on April 27th at 7:00 pm at Mo.C.A. Studio in Piazza degli Zingari n.1 in Rome. Since her first experiments in her Hayter workshop in Paris, this artist has always merged graphics and photography in an original artistic language with continuous experiments.

With graphics, light and carvings, the unpublished works at Forme Incise exhibition range from photographic works, luminous boxes and installations. In the meantime, the artist’s style remains steady in its drama on photographs, canvas, plexiglass or metallic sheets.

Anna Romanello

«Forme Incise displays “inner states” expressing reality from the point of view of one’s soul not portraying concreteness but rather mystery. Visitors can marvel at the restless being of the photographs, reinterpreted by the intensity of a gesture»: says the curator Lori Falcolini .

Anna Romanello’s carving style penetrates materials deeply by drawing light colors and patterns representing emotions, whereas graphic sings and illegible handwritings connect the inside with the outside resulting in a opening and closing of the work. They are clouds made of handwriting bits overlapping and blending with the underneath images. The outcome is a complete integration conveying all its expressive dynamism.

Anna Romanello

The choice of the colors on the palette drew inspiration from Sibari’s landscapes: ancestral places linked with the concept of fertility dominated by green, ochre and shades of orange.

Article by Giulia Riva

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati