From June 8th until June 22nd at Interno 14 in via Carlo Alberto 63 in Rome, you can visit the individual exhibition by Massimo Ruiu Fragile ( He is an artist that has poetic approach as his constant characteristic. His narration is focused on the needs we feel when we perceive them acknowledging our weakness and the sense of loss for something.


«In Massimo Ruiu’s works there is always something that is absent. In the cycle of Ombre assolute, started in ’97, photographs are pierced with geometrical patterns, capable of swallowing our look.

In those black holes images implode, collapse and sink in themselves, in a landslide of perceptions inside the image. And yet, the image is always there.

In the photographic diptych 7 minuti prima/7 minuti dopo (7 minutes before/7minutes after) the non-event is inside the event. In the painting cycle of fish, words are kept in the silence of the inhabitants of the sea. It is a path of affirmative denying for emptiness that fill and limitations pierced with infinity. The absence, reluctance and don’t-tell: they are the lock-picks to make a relative work absolute to complete it with its non-side. What if the most lively part of the image were the hollow heart? What if the real part were his darkest side? Massimo Ruiu channels his innate poetic strain to the exact definition of non-being until the last drift where dormant snails compose shapes the artist wantsbut are bound to fall apart, moved by natural logics»: this is a direct quote from Guglielmo Gigliotti.

Article by Loriana Pitarra

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati