Franko B.: Love Letters in Palermo

On Friday May 26th, Love Letters in Palermo was opened, an exhibition by the artist and performer Franko B. led by Antonio Leone and Paola Nicita. The exhibition is one of the events of Sicilia Queer Film Fest 2017 with the support of Sant’Elia of Palermo Foundation and Galleria Pack in Milan.

Love Letters – Franko B. – ph. Benito Frazzetta

The artist from Milan presents in this Sicilian spot photos, videos, canvas, sculptures and installations that tell his artistic evolution and experiences: a real journey to discover an artist that is out of the box.

Love Letters – Franko B. – ph. Benito Frazzetta

The protagonist of his works is his body. This is on what he works, the mean to express himself.

Franko B. cuts and hurts himself, using his own blood as an expressive mean. His works are strong, powerful and fiery: for the above reasons he can channel important social condemnations in a more directly way.

Love Letters – Franko B. – ph. Benito Frazzetta

Son of 60’s Actionism, Franko B. makes use of his performances to purify from all the collective and personal superstructures. His naked body, covered in black and white shows to the public. From his wounds blood comes out and he wants the audience to focus on it during his performances watching a photo or video.

So Franko B. talks to us in a painfully brazen way without uttering a word but giving what he cherishes the most: himself.

Love Letters – Franko B. – ph. Benito Frazzetta

Love Letters is a must-see and must-understand. Open to anyone who wants to understand something more about human kind and of themselves.

Article by Virginia Glorioso

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati