The stressful city life and daily routine test our bodies and minds. This is why I urge all Romans and non to visit Fuori Porta at SpazioELLE just a few miles out of the city of Rome, from April 21st ( a collective exhibition of pottery sculptures aiming at rediscoverying the slow pace of life, fighting against today’s industrial and mechanic speed.

Pottery is a material that requires attention and patience, from the processing to the firing. Every step must be respected and it is like a sacred ritual that does not need any speed.

Spazio Elle

A brief overview of the artists:

* Mirna Manni, with her pottery boxes that represent memory and poetry containers;

* Mara van Wees, who creates a real tribute to daily life outside the city;

* Toni Rotunno with his series called “DEI boschi”: works telling images, shapes, colors connected with his homeland;

* Simona De Caro and her sculptures coming from a series of “Automatic drawings” made through the use of colors and lines;

* Domenico Cornacchione presents a reinterpretation of his wirework and stone sculptures, replacing rocks with pottery obtained from old and unused objects intended to be thrown away;

The exhibition will end with a footage made by da Laura Giovanna Bevione and Domenico Cornacchione.

No better place than SpazioELLE contemporary art gallery- research and experimenting centre- could host such incredible event. The gallery is run by Associazione Culturale La Cicala funded in the peripheral areas of Rome at Via del mare 138 (a middle-of-the-road area between Castel Gandolfo and Albano Laziale).

spazio Elle

SpazioELLE funders are Laura Giovanna Bevione and Domenico Cornacchione: two artists whose style is centred on the ideas of cultural decentralization and in the concept of working far from cites showing their works around the surroundings area of the Italian capital.

Article by Loriana Pitarra

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati