From June 21st until September 17th 2017 you can visit the first anthological exhibition by Giancarlo Limoni and led by Lorenzo Canova at Macro entitled Il giardino del tempo / Opere 1980-2017The Garden of time/ Works 1980-2017 from one the masters from Roman Nuova Scuola Romana in the ‘80s.

Giardino d’inverno (Winter Garden) 2017, oil on canvas, cm 200x 300, collection of the artist. Courtesy of MACRO press office.

The protagonist of Limoni’s works is Nature and its vivid relationship with culture. An accurate analysis of a cherished topic in History of Art, deepened with a rigorous and poetic panting work.  A combo characterized by lyrical strength touching a refined and complex artistic search. Limoni’s painting is influenced by great artists of the past: ranging from Turner to Monet, Soutine to Fautrier. These authors paid attention to the material and the subject portrayed. The link that connected such different artists was reinterpreted in a completely autonomous and independent way by Limoni.

Dentro il paesaggio Giardino ad Agra (Inside the landscape garden of Agra), 2000, oil on canvas, cm 197 x 280 Courtesy of MACRO press office.

This Roman artist blended artistic western culture with oriental one. The result of this merging is incredible and unique: the painting materials lighten and the chromatic mixes create more and more complex and airy interweaving- a union of West and Est cherished by a big part of traditional History of Art.

Fiori su Fondo Rosa (flowers on pink backdrop), 1986 oil on canvas, cm 140 x 140, private collection, courtesy of Fabio Sargentini.

Throughout the years, his way of painting has become skilled and tactile. In a sort of magical a mystic way via the laying of paint, Limoni can send out the elusive essence of time and its unstoppable flow originating a vital flux that is relentless.

Siepe cinese (Chinese hedge) 2004 oil on canvas, 186 x 216 cm, De Filippo, Bari colletction. Courtesy of MACRO press office.

To draw a conclusion, the exhibition is a time travel in the ‘80s until today where you can marvel at the talent of Giancarlo Limoni. A journey whose every detail goes back to a floating time lightened by his extraordinary painting.

Article by Virginia Glorioso

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati