Spazio Faro is pleased to present “Hands on Concept”, a ‘volumizing photography’ exhibition by Daniela Bellofiore that will be exhibited in Via Perugia 24 in Rome, from 4 to 22 May 2019.

Daniela, a Sicilian by birth but Roman by adoption, sees hands as  “an extension of spiritual creative thought, able to replace the word and paint concepts that reach us through the deeper layers of consciousness.”

Hands have played a central role for man to express himself. From the primitive art in the Cosquer caves, to raising them in prayer to transcend the earthly dimension, up to to the mudras used in Kathak dance. Hands have a universal connotation, and even when the barrier of language comes between people, they naturally revert back to the most universal means of communication between them, that is, hand gestures.

Daniela’s work explores hands and their significance and represents them through ‘volumizing photography’ in which she experiments with bricolage, recycled material and photographic shots to mould, carve, sculpt and create 3-dimensional  works of art with a strong visual impact.

She says that, “I work on and with everything I find. I make no distinction, in fact, of materials and materials. Everything I find has an artistic and communication potential of beauty and universal love. “

“The greatest gift” finished work 2019 – Daniela Bellofiore 93cm x 76 cm. ph. copyright Ass. Cult. Faro Area

“At 52 , I continue to observe the world the eyes of a child”

Spazio Faro – Via Perugia 24 Rome

Opening & preview: Saturday 4th May @ 7pm.