James Basson

Let’s Start this post we are going to talk about James Basson and we start doing this with an high quote:

“It’s the scent all over here may come from the Paradise”

Othe fragrant-styling poetry by DH Lawrence come out, fragrant junipers, colorful broom, silvery olive trees which collide and get tied with the strong and hard lavenders.

This elegant garden in competition at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2015 in collaboration with L’Occitane entitled “Giardino di un profumiere a Grasse” where the theme are indeed the scents reflects the soul of its garden designer, James Basson. A garden designer who comes with his staff from the most poetic France, Provence.

The garden designer James Basson is responsible of studying landscapes, understanding the essence trying to read all nuance and messages that he can collect for designing gardens by simply using natural materials.

His most famous gardens are definitely the rural ones, made of cheerful strawberry trees and creeping rosemary, elegant fig trees giving shade for sleeping daisies, wild poppies peeking out between gray and smooth stones, vibrant ferns in shades ranging from intense green to bluish one and rare or “ancient” flowers as snapdragons and gladiolus ending up with large stone-made basins filled with water so old that are corroded by moss and.

James Basson

Who’s then James Basson?

James Basson is specialized in dry and sustainable gardens and has taken part to many contests by winning the gold medal at the Japanese World Championships for gardening as well as the Singapore Garden Festival and the Philadelphia Flower Show.

By September 2015, Basson will get conference for Australian Landscape.



copyright article by Luigi De Capoa

English Translation by Piergiorgio Mancini