You were born in Maratea (Potenza) and got your degree at Art Institute of Cetraro, specilizing in pottery. After you finalize your studies, what choices did you take to reap what you has sown during your academic years? What goals did you have back then?

My very first goal after my degree was the search for a location where I could create. Of course, this was not immediate due to several needs. Unfortunately I had to wait some years before I could find a right solution. Mainly I was feeling the need to create, to have my own spot where I could express myself through earth. I needed a place to get away from my daily life, away from compromises. A lace where I could be born again.


Arg. refrattaria, legno. 2015


In 2009 you became the manager of  Terrenotrie lab(, and by doing so you started your pottery creations, taking part in many events and collective exhibitions. Could you tell us about the creation opf Terrenotrie and also any related projects?

When I found the place, consequently Terrenotrie was born. It identifies 2 main aspects: the material I use, to be specific resistant clay I sue to shape my works. The second aspect is related to my regional origins from Calabria. Enotri were the first local people in Calabria who gave birth to Tortora, the village where I live. This connection binds together my personal art with my land. Ita was exactly from here that I started joining several artistic competitions bringing always the history of my homeland with me.


Arg. refrattaria – anno 2017


Besides your works in pottery you also have a parallel interest, photography. Do you have any preference between the 2 or which one allows you to express your artistic vocation? And why?                                     

For sure I prefer being a ceramist, both for the technical knowledge and for an artistic reason. I use photography as a final mark, like a signature. I like transferring the works into the nature or in places with historical relevance. I feel to place the works by taking a picture with the surrounding landscape.


Arg. refrattaria


When observing your works, I had the feeling that I was doing a marine and earthly exploration. Every work of yours is perfectly located in the environment of the picture just like it was naturally linked to that place. Ideally how do you conceive nature and above all what inspires you the most? What role do sea and earth have in your works?                                                                                                                                                         

I think that it is directly proportional to the respect I have towards nature. Nature is a source of life so how draw inspiration form it? I like intriguing people during my exhibitions. I like hearing people saying “But it looks like”. I am sure that we can consider nature the ultimate work of art. How can you not draw lifeblood?


ANEMONE Arg. refrattaria – anno 2017

Among all your works do you have one you feel particularly atached to? And why?                                               

Adam “The man made of earth”. It represented a key moment: escaping from rules and simultaneously I became the piece of art myself. I covered my body with the material that I deem to be my personal revenge.


Arg. refrattaria – 2015

Any projects for the future?

Many I hope. Never stop.


Article & interview by Loriana Pitarra