On Friday June 23rd, MACRO opens Introjection (www.museomacro.org/introjection), by Gehard Demetz, led by Marco Tonelli in collaboration with the Art gallery Rubin of Milan www.galleriarubin.com 

work by Gehard Demetz – courtesy of MACRO Museum Rome

The artist from Trentino presents a series of wooden sculptures, a very cherished material in the north. His work creates a contrast between tradition and a more modern technique.

A composition game made of assembled blocks, distortions and stretching. This creates size changes, relevant chiaroscuro effects that mutate the sculpture deeply.

The statue is shaped physically to show an inner and psychological distortion.

Gehard Demetz – “Hitler & Mao” – Courtesy of MACRO Museum Rome

Demetz tells sacred and profane stories. He uses wood to create subjects such as the Virgin Mary, Mao and Hitler. The more you observe them the more they fade away, mutate lingering between childish and adult worlds, between predestination and curse. Demetz merges the ancient woodworking technique, typical of a high level traditional culture, with a more popular and kitsch one of the assembling of cheap figures of the Nativity scene. The result is unique and surprising exalting the material of the sculpture enriched by colors that separates image and material. A detachment of what it is from what it appears.

So, labeling Demetz simply as a sculptor would mean downsize him. Indeed, we must imagine him as a creator of images on the line between memory and contemporary.

Article by Virginia Glorioso

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati