Contemporary Art is one of the most recent artistic disciplines. Born in the 20th century, it has marked the world scene with a modern profile and thanks to the great success achieved, many new Contemporary Art studios and galleries came into being. Among these, we can find Jealous Gallery in London which became famous thanks to the printings for artists, galleries, designers and museums.

Jealous Gallery London

In recent years, the studio has become so acclaimed that has launched the Jealous Prize awarded yearly to the most deserving artists who can display their work in Jealous Galleries. It has also set up a project called “Jealous Needs You” which grants many artists the possibility to display their works in the most famous galleries all over the world. By doing so, they can increase both their personal fame and the popularity of the studio internationally.

Jealous supports numerous events throughout the year. It is worth remembering the upcoming ones: from February 1st until February 19th, at Jealous North, there is “WANT”, an exhibition gathering the most important international Contemporary Art artists; from February 9th until February 26th, at Jealous East gallery, you can see the works by the last winners of Jealous Prize awarded to Margaux Valengin, from Royal College of Art, Clare Price from Goldsmitsh and Grizelda Kitching from Camberwell.

Claire Price

Claire Price

Claire Price prefixing her own signature on the winning presses

Griselda Kitching "Rum Punch"

Griselda Kitching “Rum Punch”

Margaux Valengin "Heated Absence"

Margaux Valengin “Heated Absence”

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Article by Manuel Marini

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati