On April 28th, Ignorarte (www.ignorarte.com) starts at Cappella Orsini Club in Rome. This event aims at getting in touch and involve the audience. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience L’Autrice: a poetic interaction with Annarita Borelli who shows the lines of poems to her audience underlining the symbiotic touch among souls to the point to perceive, in few minutes, the burden of an imposed separation. Everything fades away, just like it started, leaving the memory of few words in a ever-lasting experience.


After such a poetic experience, the audience can “join” the artistic army of RAW straightforward.

This word if read from right to left is WAR, and it is a photographic project which, through a individual-objective interaction process, allows to voice every single soldier, it is in fact a choir of voices against war. The only uniform to be worn are wings (symbol of liberation from constrictions) and a helmet (representing defense). The project was conceived to set in motion a wide collaboration with other artists who can deal with and support RAW.


What else can I say? The audience of Rome cannot miss this opportunity to discover the wonderful projects proposed by Ingorarte.

Article by Loriana Pitarra

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati