26th May 2017, from 7:00 pm

At Faenas bistrot&café – via Portuense, 47 Roma.

Urban Mirrors.com team is proud to announce our first event as media partner with Ignorarte (www.ignorarte.com): an accomplished cultural association in Rome committed to promoting and spread the knowledge about contemporary artists by organizing exhibitions and events.

On 26th of May 2017, from 07:00 pm, the historical area of  Porta Portese is hosting LEVELS. The venue is Faenas bistrot&café that with its tasty food and wine will accompany the event throughout creating a perfect combination between Art and food.

It is a 3 storey venue, which was ideal and a great solution so as to offer a theme-free exhibition where painters, sculptors, photographers, permormers, video artist, poets and musicians can express their conception of Art freely without any constraints. The public can follow and know more than 30 artists present on May 26th. The works are being displayed for the following 15 days.

Below you can find the program:

From 07:00 1st floor:

MIXED MEDIA by: Caterina Arena, Daniela Cannarozzo, DustyEye, Adelaide Desirèe Fontana, Eleonora Giorgi, Max Martini, Bruno Melappioni, Claudia Quintieri, Mario Tosto.

READING: Giorgia Basili, Laura Bertolini – Marisa Cornacchione is reading, Annarita Borrelli, Giuseppe Cataldi, Martina Stucchi.

VIDEO POEMS by: Cosimo Angeleri, Laura Bertolini, Annarita Borrelli, Daniela Cannarozzo, Zoe Corsini, Salvatore Cucchiara, Gianni Godi, Andrea Magno, Tommaso Pedone, Barbara Pinchi, Manuela Potiti, Giuseppe Satriani, Martina Stucchi, Livia Taloon.

From 07:30 2nd floor:

OPERE LUMINOSE by: Salvatore Cammilleri, Carmen Carriero, Pietro Mancini

PERFORMANCE ART TV: presentation by Francesca Fini

PERFORMANCES by: Anna Bastoni, Barbara Pinchi

GENE itinerant video art – by: Caterina Arena, Patrizia Bonardi, Annarita Borrelli, Salvatore Cammilleri, Maurizio Cesarini, DustyEye/Exploding Kittens, Francesca Fini, Nicola Fornoni, Luca Iannì, Salvatore Insana, Federica Intelisano, Jessica Japino, Francesca Lolli, Eleonora Manca, Tommaso Pedone, Barbara Pinchi, Nunzio Pino, Giuseppe Plutino, Pietro Plutino, Claudia Quintieri, Quiet Ensemble, Alfonso Siracusa, Lino Strangis, Alessia Zuccarello.

From 08:00 3rd Floor:

RAW: interactive photografic performance

L’AUTRICE poetic interaction by Annarita Borrelli

Urban Mirrors urges all our readers, fans, curious or “insiders” to join the event. It is a chance to broaden one’s cultural mind and explore three rich-in-Art levels.

Article by Loriana Pitarra

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati