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Levitation in the Hungarian village of Szentendre

In Szentendre, a village near Budapest, Levitation led by Gábor Gulyás is an Art exposition still on the go today. It is a retrospective which started last 8th April 2017 about three of the most influential Hungarian artists in the contemporary scene: László Felugossy, Imre Bukta and János Szirtes.

mre Bukta – László Felugossy – János Szirtes – ph. Virginia Glorioso

Bukta has focused his works on a beloved theme in the Hungarian tradition: rural lifestyle. The protagonists of his works are farmers with gaunt faces due to hard work, or trees, ultimate symbols of nature as the great mother. Both farmers and trees are portrayed by Bukta in all their frailties through a lyrically affectionate touch of those who know farm lifestyle first-hand.

Imre Bukta – ph. Virginia Glorioso

Felugossy differs completely from Bukta’s leitmotiv. A musician, writer, poet and artist, he is more provocative and fiery.

Indeed, his work analyses and undermines some of the most evident dogmas of our society with irreverent irony: from modern consumerism critic to Catholic church blindness, he demolishes all these stereotypes with a mocking occasionally puerile behavior.

János Szirtes – ph.. Virginia Glorioso

Szirtes, instead, seems to be playing on the line between the worlds narrated by Bukta e Felugossy. He is more oriented towards a more experimental art. Since the ‘70s Szirtes has been the author of prominent performances. The protagonist of them are his body, his face and the countless muggings. The videos he makes underscore his attention to human kind and the relevant role they have in the world and on the society we live and share in.

János Szirtes – ph. Virginia Glorioso

János Szirtes – ph. Virginia Glorioso

János Szirtes – ph. Virginia Glorioso

Bukta, Felugossy and Szirtes are critical and attentive observers of our society. Knowing their works allows anyone to understand human kind better in all their weaknesses and contradictions. Definitely an exhibition that was worth visiting but above all, three artists to keep following because I am sure that they are only half way in their individual search and they will show us much more.

Article by Virginia Glorioso

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati