The next 18th January, will be the date for the kick-off of the 29th edition of the London Art Fair.

A niche event which dictates the canons of art at international levels, it takes place every year and, for this year, it will last until 22 January.

London Art Fair

The London Art Fair, is the marquee event in the artistic sector, it offers great suggestions to collectors of every sort, combining, through an exhibition of modern and contemporary art. In addition, it also has collaboration with sponsors and partners of the highest calibre, such as, for example, “Porsche” make the event even more interesting.

To access the London Art Fair it is essential to have tickets that are available for purchase, on or from authorized ticket counters at the venue. This is the only way you will have the opportunity to fully live the charm of the internationality given from its location which will be held at the Business Design Centre, not far from the subway station of London Angel, along the Northern Line.

London Art Fair

Through the works coming from various galleries, to be exact, more than 100, the London Art Fair aims to combine English taste with those of international styles, combining the interests of collectors with emerging artists, so this is the reason why Urban Mirrors could not miss and will attend at this special event this year.

We would also like to highlight the possibility of joining the VIP program which offers visitors a variety of benefits like tailor made packages for accessing core sites like the Tate Gallery or the Royal Academy of Arts.

Many are the initiatives planned within the days dedicated to the London Art Fair: among them are guided tours, workshops and meetings regarding the various forms of art, from sculpture to photography, not forgetting the installations. In particular, with regards, a mention can be made for two sections of artistic youth within the London Art Fair called Photo50 and Art Projects.

The first is a group exhibition curated by Christiane Monarchi and is centered on the theme called “Gravitas” a word coming from Latin origins and designates one of thencient roman virtues, which emphasis on the boy who becomes an adult, playing a different role within the society.

Art Projects, instead, focuses its attention on the stimuli of art coming from emerging talents who represent Countries such as Greece, Germany, Japan, France, South Korea and Zimbabwe.

This last section, will see Miguel Amado, Senior Curator at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, in the role of curator, reaching this year his 13th edition, he puts at the centre themes like “Dialogues” between different cultures and races, a subject that is more actual than ever.

London Art Fair, will certainly not leave visitors disappointed, giving them moments for reflection, inspiration, and comparison.

Full program can be found at

London Art Fair 2017