Today we talk about interior design. Can you imagine Bologna as a small italian London? With its innovative shops, enterprising young people, tantalizing ideas and talent to spare?

interior design

During my visit in Bologna I came across a small shop in Via Canonica, a white door under the terms of the two famous towers that caught my attention in the midst of a universe of colour and movement.

It is Martino design, an interior design shop that deals with “inventing solutions” for the house, and when I say invent … I mean really invent. Recycle, re-interpret, with a touch of irony that never hurts in things.

Chiara Melandri is the interior design manager with seven years of experience behind her (one of which she spent just in the British capital to pick up the new international trends in the design field), she then opened this little gem that preserves every possible solution for in-house objects, from lighting to embellishing our home’s.

The tenacity and exuberance of this young professional, is combined with the work she does togheter with her three colleagues, who know how to involve you and turn you into something more than just a customer looking for a piece of furniture or a ceiling lamp.

interior design

Here they exchange ideas, inventions, illuminations that blend perfectly with a countryside home or with a luxurious downtown loft. Cabinets that once were boxes for apples, flavored kitsch accessories that you would never of said and instead “Oh but they’re scrumptious!”. But also recommendations for design and aggregate complex of objects who create a living room or a bedroom uniquely and inimitable.

interior design

From consulting to practice, Martinodesign is the most sympathetic way to create a style all your own: first in 3d, and then fitted in to your loving home.

If you are an environmentalists or even just a person who cares about the plight of the environment over the last few years, you’ll be pleased to hear that Chiara’s projects are totally eco-friendly and focused on the recycling of materials and furniture (so you’ll think twice before discarding your old grandma’s Dresser!). The style? Northern natural, home feeling, … but in the store you will also find catalogues of other designers, available to order.

interior design

Choosing to decorate your home here means to give credit and recognition to the talents of many young Italian designers … and of course I’ve already chosen where to buy me the next bedside table. And You?

article by Mariagrazia Roversi

English Translation by Piergiorgio Mancini