Opening Friday 9th June 2017 time 17.00 – 23.30

10th  June 2017: time 17.00 – 23.30

MACRO (Museo D’Arte Contemporanea Roma) Testaccio – Spazio Factory – La Pelanda
Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4 Rome
Free entry

On Friday June the 9th, the second edition of Nuvola Creativa Festival delle Arti opens. It is entitled Living Nature – Art, debates and conferences about environment issues.

It is a reflection on how modern human kind can still find themselves in the environment they are surrounded by. Talking about the relation Humans-environment we have to remind how this issue is key in other cultures. For instance, Feng Shui, a genuine art that can really connect  mankind and environment in harmony.

Living Feng Shui is the event during the bigger one. During this 2-day festival, visitors can learn some of the tenets of this discipline to shape their own life according to the principles of nature. Despite being short, the program of the festival is intense. Below you can find all the details:

“Into the Void” by Marjan Fahimi – courtesy of @ComunicaDesidera, Roberta Melasecca Press Office


Sette gocce in terra – Seven rooms dedicated to seven guest artists: Federica Cecchi, Marjan Fahimi, Ombretta Iardino, Luciano Lombardi, Parlind Prelashi, Vania Elettra Tam, Emre Yusufi.

work by artist Federica Cecchi – courtesy of @ComunicaDesidera Roberta Melasecca Press Office

Never Perfect | Beauty is a matter of love, unpublished works by Lucia Ferrara.

Temporary museum of arts.


With an helmet – A love letter by Francesca Fini Duration: 6’

Fall out by Marcantonio Lunardi Duration: 4’

The Cage by Marcantonio Lunardi Duration: 6’.

Le cinque energie – Fluire con il Qi by Nicoletta Boraso Duration 15’

Petite histoire des plateaux abandonnès Ră by Martino

“Toni di Pelle” by Francesca Fini – courtesy of @ComunicaDesidera Roberta Melasecca Press Office


L’Insopportabile Contraddizione by Noel Gazzano Performance Video

Legati all’albero by Roberto Marsella and Grace Zanotto


Toni / Di Pelle by Francesca Fini – Biometric Performance – Duration: 20’

Ri-Verso di Clorofilla Umana – Poetry, music and dance performance by Poeti Viandanti

M-UnoPerformance by Pamela Ferri and Barbara Lalle

Trasfigurazione del teschio – Anthropological performance by Massimo Canevacci – Duration: 30’

Arrocco de~sideriamo – Performance with installation by Movimento NonPerdono.

La natura morta non esiste by artisti&innocenti + Itineranze.

Natura la forza che genera Performance by Letizia Girolami

La Compagnia Butterfly by Comunità Capodarco of Roma


In erba: poems reading by Davide Cortese. Readings extracted from the following series of the artist from Eolie islands: Anuda (LaRecherche Editions), Lettere da Eldorado (Progetto Cultura Editions).


Circuiti di carta Fablab Roma Makers

Colori della natura: dipingi con le spezie Laboratori didattici Zebrart 


Il paesaggio residuale

Presentation by Fabrizio Scrivano


Under the shed you can eat with Campagna Amica farmers. Besides, the volunteers of the Italian Independent and neutral Association EMERGENCY which advocates peace, solidarity and respect of human rights will be present with its stand to show their humanitarian activities.

Article by Loriana Pitarra

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati