paris 2050

“Breathe in Paris, preserves the soul” said Victor Hugo. Who knows what 2050 will also preserve our lungs, since the pollution of major European cities is legendary.

In this sense is coming the idea from a famous Belgian architects company, the Vincent Callebaut Architectures, which launched an ambitious – and particular- project aiming to revolutionize the French capital, transforming it into a large green and sustainable area, in order to reduce its emissions by up to 75%.

Crazy idea or stroke of genius? The first sketches of what will be Paris in 2050 are already taking place and have received many positive comments. The revolutionary project all the way the urban structure would require the use of high-tech tools and techniques.

paris 2050

Are these like some futurists sketch of green skyscrapers dreamed by Callebaut? Just for instance, the project provides the Town Hall that is planned to replace the buildings on the Rue de Rivoli can be described as a complex of very large glass cones overturned, able to regulate the heat emission around its nearby. And more example from the smog-free towers that would be located in the historic center, able to purify the air.

What will become of the romantic Paris? But above all, the ambitious project by the Belgian company will ever see the light? Last word to next generations.

copyright article by Mariagrazia Roversi

English Translation by Piergiorgio Mancini