From Leonardo da Vinci to Frida Kahlo, from Andy Warhol to Vincent van Gogh. These and other artists are played in the personal of Stefano Bolcato, called People, visited by Urban Mirrors, at the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Salerno Museo Archeologico Provinciale di Salerno .


This exhibition among the precious archaeological finds is composed of seven oil paintings and a video, Empty Walls, it is organized by the association Fonderie Culturali in collaboration with Zoe Social Enterprise, who have a specific objective and definition: to approach in a way, also playful, the public to art, by creating a clear link between the past and the contemporary.

The means by which to achieve this goal was unique: the realization of paintings of famous subjects, transfigured in the form of Lego models, the popular construction game toys known by millions of families around the world.


Like once upon a time, the same use of the technique of oil painting on canvas is inserted in this project, as we find the works of clear contemporary array produced by the above technique of ancient tradition. It is the same Bolcato who make’s clear his intent: an artist must also be an educator, committed to create works for educational purposes and pedagogy, focusing on the theme’s of historical memory.

We observe, therefore, works, touching, precise emotions, who are resurrected feelings and emotions related to childhood, amplified by an impeccable use of strong powered colors.

The ironic tone makes this exhibition appropriate for an audience of various ages, allowing an approach to art for future generations. Perhaps it is precisely this combination of these artistic styles to flourish the love for art in young people? We strongly hope so.

Untill the 22nd January 2017 at the Archeological Provincial Museum of Salerno.

Archeological Museum of Salerno

Article by Serena Manna