A year ago  PrivateView opened in Turin. Apparently it seems similar to other spaces dealing with Contemporary Art. It is not so, at least for two art dealers Silvia Borella and Mauro Piredda who I had the pleasure to chat with. Let’s read what they told me to better understand:

PrivatView Turin

Could you explain how you came up with this name? 

(Silvia) PRIVATE_VIEW is a technical term that conveys our message: Always give a preview

(Mauro) I liked the way it sounds..

 In a big city like Turin, which is very committed to Contemporary Art, with so many galleries, what do you think is the difference you make to be more interesting compared to similar venues?

This city is not big, galleries are not many, there are plenty! There is no curiosity in collecting. We are here as our business was here but Turin was not welcoming and honestly we do not feel this market reflects our way of being.

What is striking about us? This, we are different and we do not try to please anyone and what interests us is a more global view of Art. In fact, this city has represented more of a setback than an advantage so far.

If we consider Northern Europe, young dealers start collecting when they are around 25/30 years old choosing with their own personal taste without speculating ideas. In this regard, Turin is poor.

What artists do you deal with? I mean on what basis do you set your events?

We deal what we like and we like collecting. We believe in three- dimensionality, chromatism. There is much “usable” Art in the world with remarkable content, high quality and relatively affordable prices.. we do not like those artists for whom you need instructions. We support a cool, shameless Art.

Speaking of events, do you have any specific goal to expand your gallery?

The Space is a virtual concept. We could halve 500 squared metres and we would multiply our sales throughout the world. Galleries change. The profession of art dealer is not to please market taste but to be a talent scout for interesting artists and lead them throughout their growth. 90% of Italian galleries get by thanks to the “second ”market often with commissions. With all due respect, we do not deal with late artists.

Are you currently displaying an exhibition? Any planned in the immediate future? Tell us about it.

Our events are planned until 2019. We genuinely represent our artists at European level. We don’t improvise. We try to align the timing of our exhibitions and international fairs.

What makes you different from other local galleries?

The courage to speak our mind.

Is there anything I didn’t ask and you would like to share?

We wish to say that there is little joy in Italian Art nowadays. We are not special, but what we do always contains our enthusiasm. In Italy everything is too catered, self-referential, honestly old, tired and boring. Certainly this is our opinion. We do not love ferment. And we do like that French saying that states that customers are never right..

PrivatView Turin

Further info can be found at www.privateviewgallery.com

Article & Interview by Virginia Glorioso

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati