Infection Lab, the queer art and culture festival promoted by GendErotica, is back in Rome. The event will take place from the 28th to 30th of September in the Pigneto neighbourhood exactly at the Sparwasser and the Club55. Once again this area represents the perfect location for hosting a cultural movement which is pushing out the need to break the silence and to create an active culture with a critical conscience.

The event theme of this year is the transition, in the broad sense of gender, as well as spacial or cultural transition. Quoting Preciado “the state of a Transexual person is comparable to the one of a migrant. Indeed both find themselves in a temporary interruption of their political condition. We believe both are able to instigate new readings, new epistemologies, and new realities, which overcome dicotomic philosopies, tools that are not more suited to interpret the changes and shapeshifts of current reality.

Hence , let ’s get ready to meet the works of thirties artists from Algeria , Brazil ,Cile, Colombia, Italy, Spain ,Greece, France, Tunisia. Most of them introduce their jobs for the first time. Throughout the figurative works of two women artists, Mouna Bintou (Tunisia) e Hind Oufriha (Algeria) who question the women ’s body change, the audience will be given the chance to obtain a new and deep insight into the Northern Africa feminism culture.

We will meet Tituba, the soul of a latin slave, who, after having been hunted and trialled as witch, was killed due to her black skin and her indigenous origins. Her terrible revenge will be embodied by Ivy Monteiro, an eclectic Brasilian artist. He will give us the opportunity to get into the authentic world of Voguing. Bear in mind that the origins of this dance is quite far from the present worldwide phenomenon.

Indeed, initially, it was the representation of rough voices from the marginalised ,black , and latin communities of Drag Ball, that were based in Harlem during the ’70 and 80s. The workshops and documentary of Gabrielle Culand is also a token to the world of outcasts. Another expression of this world is brought to light through the outrageous and provocative videos of Cuban artists and the Orlando MYYX’ s art video. Furthemore the festival will host again Zarra Bonheur, with her works she recalls us the importance of the concept of treatment, that finds at its ground a stong and necessary willingness.

We should get ready also to realise the our Queer roman world is keeping changing and blossoming, for this reason there will be a lot of readings , held by our artist, about the questions we care the most.

Let’s get ready to live a space and a time of ever-changing works in progress in continous evolution, with a blossoming network of collaborations, exchanges, and proposals to steer the future towards our goals.

Our Media Partner, Urban Mirrors, the online magazine directed by Fabio Matthew Lanna dedicated to contemporary art and close to the queer community, will guide us through this amazing event.

Full program on this Facebook link.