RI/CIRCO/LI by Francesco Bancheri and led by Maria Laura Perilli will be open until July 14th at Galleria Triphè in via delle Fosse di Castello n° 2 in the stunning and eternal historical area of Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome.

Bancheri’s works are characterized by collage technique whose paper comes from external sources or also from the artist’s works: it is no coincidence that the exhibition hints at the process of deconstruction/ construction of works.

Rebirth and regeneration are elements present in this artist’s works, both from a technical and content point of view, meeting the concept of eternity from which you can deduce that the work equals infinity.

Francesco Bancheri “Bones” 2013 – elefant 205 x 140 collage on canvas. Courtesy Galleria Triphè Roma

The exhibition proposes a first bunch of works dedicated to the animals of circuses whereas the second one is dedicated to the Colosseum, symbol of panem et circenses. Bancheri’s works show a very pop color use; the use of flashy colors and intriguing lines is the proof of his will to give his audience real and concrete images, but from a different prospect, a sort of visual destabilization.

Francesco Bancheri “Tito Flavio Vespasiano” – Courtesy Galleria Triphè Roma

Some works trace new shapes, but simultaneously they compose abstract images. The use of paper fragments is neither a coincidence nor a technical choice, but it is a keystone in a story that is composed and deconstructed giving it a new meaning and life.


Article by Loriana Pitarra

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati