January 2019, the Spazio Faro cultural association is established with its headquarters in Rome, Via Perugia, 24

The Spazio Faro cultural association was founded by the founding members’ idea to create a space, a place, dedicated to contemporary arts and to the promotion, development and pursuit of socio-cultural activities.

The Spazio Faro cultural association and the exhibition space connected to it also become the new editorial office for the online magazine Urban Mirrors, which becomes an integral part of it.

Spazio Faro cultural association will use the digital platform of the Urban Mirrors magazine to disseminate its activities in the socio-cultural sphere.

With great pleasure, the founding members are pleased to invite the general public to the opening night of the Spazio Faro next Saturday 23rd February 2019, where a small welcome drink will be served and an artistic-literal installation titled “Words & Thoughts” will be on display curated by the president of the association Mr. Fabio Matthew Lanna.

We look forward seeing many of you! ;)