Art in Modena: opened, on the 18th September, the MATA, is a space dedicated to culture, which the Council administration of Modena has opened in the former Manifattura Tabacchi a restored industrial building. The first opening exhibition is called “The mannequin’s history. Art after the construction of criticism and culture”, Hosted until January 31st, 2016.

art in modena

The exhibition, curated by italo-American Richard Milazzo, is the result of a collaboration between the municipality of Modena and APT Servizi Emilia Romagna region, under the patronage of the region and the support of Confindustria Modena.

The exhibition is among the proposed initiatives of the 2015 festival of philosophy based on “inherit”.

Above the works on display in the hall there are also, located outside of the MATA, three sculptures from artist Sandro Chia, Enzo Cucchi and Mimmo Paladino.

From Saturday, October 3rd, on weekend’s there will be guided tours made by communications agency Mediagroup98, while from October 7th they will also provide educational art courses.

art in modena

The exhibition aims to raise questions about the nature of art, through representative works of different styles and contemporary movements. Conceptualism, Appropriation art, NeoPop, Superkitsch, Poor art through countless denominations, choices made by critics to bring order to the flow of currents and concepts which, by their nature, are becoming to take shape.

The art became’s a show, says Milazzo-not only for auction houses, art fairs, commercial galleries, museums and collectors, but also for critics, curators and media, and in large part for the artists themselves. Art, therefore, as an entertainment, has become a mannequin.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog in Italian and English, where you can find about three hundred color reproductions in black and white, the list of works and biographies of artists.

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copyright article by Luigi de Capoa.

English Translation by Piergiorgio Mancini