ViennaContemporary from the 27th till the 30th of September 2018

Aljoscha Panspermia, Installation, 2018, Courtesy Anna Nova Gallery. Ph. courtesy ViennaContemporary

Autumn in Vienna is colored by art: from 2015 the Austrian capital hosts the ViennaContemporary, one of the main contemporary art fairs in Europe and beyond.

Christina Steinbrecher Pfandt ph @A. Murashkin : courtesy ViennaContemporary

Born in 2012 as “Viennafair”, it acquires today’s name and appearance only in 2015, under the direction of three leading names of the world Art scene: Renger van den Heuvel, Dmitry Aksyonov and Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt, which is its artistic director.

Renger van den Heuvel (c) courtesy of ViennaContemporary ph. @Elsa Okazaki

The admission process begins every December of the previous year and ends in the spring of the following. The galleries are chosen through a special committee composed of a jury of international gallery owners. This year, from the 27th to the 30th September, 100 galleries will be hosted from 27 different countries within the imposing structure of the Marx Halle, in the heart of the Austrian capital.

Marx Halle ph. @Anita Pravits

The ViennaContemporary is today an unmissable event for all lovers of contemporary art and its the only fair that, through a masterly care of their performances, blends Eastern with Western Art. Inside you can breathe a stimulating air in which new talents are discovered and the famous names of the international scene are reconfirmed.

Rainer Paananen, Composition #4, 2018, Courtesy Gallery Taik Persons and the artist.

The fair includes three exhibitions entitled “Zone1”, “Explorations” and “Armenia” along with other more interactive programs such as workshops for children, seminars, discussions and guided tours aimed at making it accessible to a wide audience.

The “Zone1”, curated by Victoria Dejaco, hosts talents under 40 years of age, Austrians by birth or adoption, called to tell the daily life and politics and also investigating the human condition. The artists reveal their own vision of the world and deal here with the themes that mostly shake the collective consciences of people who take the role of heralds of our time.

In the “Explorations” section exhibition, curated by Nadim Samman, one can admire countless avant-garde creations. Known and emerging names deal with issues such as the crisis of political refugees, the “collapse of all systems” until they come out with neo-utopian works. The result is a vision reality, laid bare in its instability, through the gaze of artists from all over Europe.

Susanne Rottenbacher, Dottore XL Variation I, 2017, Courtesy @Efremidis Gallery

In the third major exhibition “Armenia, dreaming alive”, curated by Sona Stepanyan, the winners of the competition organized by the Armenia Art Foundation present six projects aimed at retracing the history and the great changes that involved the former Soviet republic. Moreover, a media library with interviews and catalogs allows to deepen the history of art and the significance it has taken in Armenia in parallel with the political and social events for the last three decades.

The three accompanying programs of the Vienna Art contemporary are instead created to make visitors explore less traditional aspects of art: “Talks” presents conversations held by artists, collectors, gallery owners, journalists and museum directors who delve into the various issues related to the world of contemporary art in all its forms; “Living image” brings together music and visual arts in short video clips, showing the power that comes from the union of these two languages; “Family” is finally a space dedicated to families and children, in which children are led through play and imagination in the art world.

In conclusion, Vienna contemporary is a “trait d ‘union” in the European artistic and cultural scene and is an essential event for contemporary art lovers. The cost of the daily ticket is € 9 online or € 15 on the spot, reduced to € 9 for students and the elderly, free for children under 14 and for students (after 3:00 pm) with a valid document.

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