VISIONI D’INTERNO (Internal Visions). The new COLLA project exhibition

OPENING: Thursday September 21st, 06:30pm-09:30pm CET

With the opening of the new exhibition season, COLLA, the project platform that gathers no-profit galleries and spaces and much more, there is a new exhibition which will take place at Burning Giraffe Art Gallery, as of September 21st, 2017.

Every six months, every venue that cooperate with COLLA shows (Burning Giraffe, Galleria Moitre, Fusion Art Gallery, Metroquadro and Spazio Ferramenta) will host a project created and led by the entire group involving one artist per space. For the first time, besides the 5 founders, BI-BOx Art Space from Biella will join the show to witness the dynamic and evolving nature of COLLA besides the goal of expanding the platform beyond Turin. The new exhibition, Visioni d’interno, consists of two parallel themes: an extroverted, photographic or portrait look that catches the literary inside – vivid physical places where people lived: hotel rooms, abandoned factories – go along with an interiorization that generates a series of expressions and dynamism in a figurative inside, artistic expressions that stem from human soul taking the same kind of interiority of the subject. The sum of the six artists way of seeing things (Anna Capolupo, Michela Depetris, Serena Gamba, Alessandra Maio, Erwin Olaf, Ettore Pinelli) outlines a panorama of human interiority, its places, its involving and complex nature via a wide and varied gamut of expressive language.

The exhibition will end on Saturday October 14th, 2017 on the occasion of the 13th edition of the Contemporary day created by AMACI association, that involves over a thousand  public and private spaces dedicated to contemporary Art. This last exhibition day will also see the live set visual performance by PUPA BUM

Visioni d’interno

By  COLLA project

Venue: Burning Giraffe Art Gallery

Via Eusebio Bava, 8/a, 10124, Turin

Vernissage: Thursday 21st September, time 06:30pm until 09:30pm CET

Duration:  21st September until October 14th, 2017

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 02:30pm-07:30pm (in the morning only with an appointment)

Contacts:  –  –  – t. 0115832745



Anna Capolupo (presented by Burning Giraffe Art Gallery)

Anna Capolupo, Interior, 2017, mixed technique on paper, cm 23×20 – courtesy of project COLLA Torino

She was born in Lamezia Terme nel 1983. She lives and works in Florence where she got her degree in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. In December 2014, one of her pieces is owned by Bancartis collection by BCC Mediocrati, a prelude of her first individual exhibition in a public museum that took place a year later at MACA (Museo Arte Contemporanea Acri). In February 2015 the magazine Wired lists her in the top 20 chart of the most promising talents in Italy (Wired Audi Innovation Award). In  2015 she wins the Combat Prize, Graphic section. At the beginning of 2017, she displayed her works at the National Gallery of Cosenza during the exhibition entitled: “Modernolatria. Boccioni+100”.

Over the last years, Anna Capolupo developed two parallel searches: painting, consisting of rough landscapes and urban indoor spaces created through a technical stratification, result of an attentive and disenchanted observation of the artist on the outside world; and a more recent one that can belong to Fiber Art, that stems from the need to look into our own interiority and the memories composing it. The installation presented on the “Visioni d’interno” joins these two searched for the first time. A series of indoor abandoned urban spaces  that also belong to the artist’s memory create a unique piece with a multi-colored tapestry which is the artistic and gestural reconstruction of an object extracted from the memory: one of the blankets that the artist’s great grand-mother would make for every member of the family.

Michela Depetris (presented by Spazio Ferramenta).

Michela Depetris – The Oval Portrait, 2012, polaroid photograph, environmental dimensions. courtesy of project COLLA Turin.

Born in 1984, Michela Depetris studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and at Universidad Politecnica in Valencia. Subsequently, she gained a master in Performing Arts and Visual Culture at Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid. Investigating the reality from a close perspective, just like a private investigator, like a policeman, a dog| Maybe nothing is meaningful, but everything can make senses| Every time you look at something, you change it| Ready made is performing.

Michela Depetris’ reflects on the connection among intimacy, glance and identity.  The first one is not only the main theme but also a method of work. The artist always starts from an idea of action, performance seen as a generating process of activation of reflection while doing. For Michela this means getting exposed to the world, embodying the idea and sensitizing our eyes.  Smelling like an animal and make visible all the things that surround us that we do not see, or see them even if we are not looking at them. She often cooperates, every proposal can represent the pretext to create a relation to develop shared processes, mutual influences, the inclusion  what is unexpected in an inescapable  way.

Serena Gamba (presented by Galleria Moitre)

Serena Gamba, The memory of oblivion, 2017, “wet book”, charcoal on paper, nails / “white book”, nails, cm 21x15x4. courtesy of project COLLA Turin.

In the search by Serena Gamba, the imaged spaces, collages, words, plants and maps, inverse prospective  just like the books and the panels of carved paraffin tend to a common question: to what extent will memory investigate and or slow oblivion facing the issue of the fading away of a collective memory? Oblivion meant as a natural and inescapable end of our being/ living and also meant as the annulment of Culture, of which Art represents a  part.

The influence of Architecture and Graphic subsequently influenced to shape a specific point of view of her Visual Art aimed at a sober and vivid search. Her first individual exhibition was during DI.DA project in  Bolzano (Van Der Gallery); she was one of the finalists in Premio Lissone 2016; she will soon display her works at Galleria Alessio Moitre in Turin and Isolo 17 Gallery in Verona.

Alessandra Maio (presented by  BI-Box Art Space)

Alessandra Maio, NEBBIA. I’m losing in the fog of my thoughts, 2017, wax and pen on cotton paper, cm 15 × 23. courtesy of project COLLA Turin.

From Bologna, born in 1982, he got huis degree in 2005 at the Academy of Fien Arts and he got another degree in Hisotry of Contemporary Art in 2005.

He took part in many in National competions such as Atream in 2016, the International prize Zingarelli Rocca  painting in 2014, Biennale Giovani Monza and Biennale d’Arte in Lodi in 2013. He has had both collective and individual exhibitions such as the one in Biella in 2015 at BI-BOx Art Space and in other galleries abroad.

Alessandra loves cooperating with othe artists for the creation of shared artistic projects.

The main feature of her works is the writing as the founding element of images, in order to build a figure or an evocative subject od the text written multiple times via a mantric repetition  but at the same time prompting in the audience a sorto f sarcasm and subtle poetic irony.

Maio’s world  is a world of sentences  created with simple tools like a Bic pen, with the limits of the colors at disposal.

Erwin Olaf (presented by Metroquadro)

Erwin Olaf, HOTEL, Winston Salem, Room 304, 2017, photograph, Edition 7/15, cm 17 × 30. courtesy of project COLLA Turin.

Born in Hilversum,Holland,in 1959. He has worked and live in Amsterdam as of the’80.

Olafbecame famous for his complex and brilliant style of his commercial photos and for the decisiveness of his works in studio.

He has won several  Leone d’Argento for his commercial photography and also: Photographer of the Year (2006), Artist of the Year of the Netherlands (2007) and Lucie Award USA (2008). In 2011 he was awarded with Dutch Johannes Vermeer Award for the great artistic value of his works. In 2013 he designed the Dutch one Euro coin

His personal exhibitions have been displayed all over the world in the most famous museums.

The Hotel series is about alienation and the subtle gamut of dark emotions that stem from it in an individual. The hotel rooms I have when I travel are all different, but the feeling I have is always the same, there is a sort of detachment. – Erwin Olaf, 2011 –

The ordinary hotel rooms where the subjects are portrayed are closed boxes and isolated in an absent dimension form real time, where characters appear trapped in a boring wait.

As he is used to, the Dutch photographer chose to investigate a specific mood in all its arrays and interpretations, form the most common ones to the most superficial and even the most unusual and darkest ones.

The ambiguity e and feeling of nostalgic frustration that the images deliver clash with the meticulous perfection of the details of the portrait, confirming the ability of the artist to rcreate the context and the scene with all the details with a cinematographic attention to make-up, hairstyle, clothes, furnishing and light.

Ettore Pinelli (presentato da Fusion Art Gallery)

Ettore Pinelli, About Reactions | Paper 1, 2016, fusing on paper, cm 150X210. courtesy of project COLLA Turin.

Ettore Pinelli was born in Modica, in 1984. He studied in the Academy  of Fine Arts in Florence, he got his degree in painting in 2007 and in 2010 he got another degree in setting up in cooperation with Luigi Pecci Centre Of Contemporary Art  in Prato. In 2009 he funded LAB (Young Artists Sharing Ideas | Florence).

In 2014 he was selected for the first edition of FAM Giovani Award Premio in visual arts (AG). In 2015, he was selected by  Eva Comuzzi and Andrea Bruciati for Some Velvet Drawings (ArtVerona). In 2015 he won  Premio Marina of Ravenna and in 2016 Premio We Art International (Milan) in cooperation with Basement Project Room (LT).  In 2015 he was selected by the curators of of ORA award. In 2016 he iso ne of the finalists of TU 35, geographies of the emerging Art in Tuscany. In 2017 he is a finalist of the 18th Cairo Award (Palazzo Reale Milano).

In his works,  Ettore Pinelli’s subjects tend to “emerge” as they are submersed and the levels of reading are isolated. The structure of the composition is misleading and the metaphor of the tide that in its dynamism hide and protects the ambivalence of the lurking message. The suffused, winding tones of monochromes attract the eyes leading the senses to abandon to a state of “esthetic/ ecstatic” peace whereas if we do want to understand/ search (and it is key to have to will to make this effort) you find yourself dealing with the aggressive and violent, an unsettling mirror of an aspect of contemporary society the artist wants us to confront. The exterior vision of an exteriorized inside.


Collective BUM PUPA, still of performance You can eat crackers in my bed whenever you want. courtesy of project COLLA Turin.

Performance (Saturday 14th October 2017)

PUOI MANGIARE CRACKERS NEL MIO LETTO QUANDO VUOI – You can eat crackers in my bed whenever you want

We want and need to play, we are amazing animals, I mean fantastic as we live on fantasies. We do not have time to reflect on what we do, so one day we decided to do it with what we had on that moment in our house.

On the occasion of the exhibition Visioni d’interno, Spazio Ferramenta presents PUPA BOOM project that was conceived from the experiences of the components: sound & performance art. It is a crossover work that leads the audience between reality and surreal through the normality of gestures and the abstraction of the sound inside visual suggestions made by light.