In 2010, Yia Art Fair was created in Paris. It stands for Yesterday is Aujourd’hui in other words, “Yesterday is today”. Once again it confirms to be a must in Contemporary Art like its name suggests. It consists of 5 exhibitions 4 of which are in Europe:  Maastricht,  Brussels,  Basle, Paris, and one in New York.

YIA Art Fair

This year, Paris and Brussels appear to be more connected than ever thanks to Contemporary Art week held in the Belgian capital. The city is undoubtedly a landmark for both international politics and art interacting in a fascinating way .

Brussels is simultaneously a French community and a Flemish one in Belgium. This feature conveys a sense of internationality to anything concerning communication and expression in many fields. Furthermore, if we consider that Brussels has an area whose worth  is more than 1,8 million inhabitants, it is easy to understand the importance this city has on a European level and beyond.

So, it  is no coincidence that 2017  Yia Art Fair # 09 is held in Brussels specifically at Square Brussels Meeting Centre in the heart of the city from April 20th -23rd. This venue is a unique location where conferences, workshops, seminars, exhibitions and many more events are held every year.

YIA Art Fair

It is right there that Yia Art Fair will take place. About 200 sqm will host 45 galleries coming from: France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan, Lithuania, Spain, Czech Republic and China. From Italy: ABC-Arte from Genoa, Anna Marra Contemporanea from Rome,  Francesca Antonini from Rome,  Metronom from Modena,  Boesso Art Gallery from Bolzano and  Montoro 12 from  Rome. Partners of the exhibition will be: Bozar, Le Mad, Visit Brussels and Brussels Art Guide.

YIA Art Fair

Everything is perfectly connected with Yia Art Fair #11 in Paris from October 19th-22nd 2017. This time the selected location will be Carreau du Temple in the neighborhood called Marais hosting 50 international galleries. On this occasion, visitors should also see the Centre Georges Pompidou at Maison Européenne de la Photographie and  Picasso Museum. There are many  places you must visit within walking distance from Yia Art Fair #11 in Paris. Exhibitors and enthusiasts will have the chance to deepen their knowledge about new trends in Contemporary Art. In particular, visitors can access Brussels fair with only 12,00€ or 8,00€, reduced price. We also remind that on Friday 21st April, it is possible to visit the fair at night using the free shuttle service.

YIA Art Fair

The 5 events of  Yia Art Fair give an international view over the contemporary art world to the audience also providing with interpretation keys  to understand  creativity in our modern world.

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Article by Francesca Martire

English translation by Chiara Vilmercati